Don’t look at me through lifeless eyes.

They are injected with millions of “untold lies”.

There was some light beneath my skin.

I lost all my “radiation” in illuminating your life.

I could have saved some for myself, no?

My skin is dark now, lightless.

My eyes are black like that of a mice, who has just came out from your sewer pipeline.

That mice is staring at you.

It has a long black tail and a dark history of his life in those smelly filthy pipes.

The mice is awake when everyone’s  sleeping.

So am I!

I told you one morning, remember?

But that morning my eyes were glowing.

May be I had some light left under my skin back then.

But now I am BLACK.

Like the rat from the sewer, I told you.

He fall while clibing a wire, with a thud on the floor.

I woke up with that sound, with my black round eyes staring at him.

And his round black eyes looking at me.

May be he found a “kindred spirit”.

May I understood something.

May be we all are rats.

And I am not lucky enough to find my poisonous piece of cheese yet.