20170224_185005-1-1-1He is lost behind those long drawn arguments.                                                    His eyes no more tell her that he is drunk in love, when he looks into her eyes, holding her tight.

He is lost behind those lingered good byes.                                                                She knew he did not want to leave her in empty night to stare at the gloomy moon like a zombie.

But the truth of situation has it’s roots in all those moments of disappointment, and                                             Disenchantment from his image which she idealised.

All those broken covenants and unfulfilled expectations have tainted her virgin vision.

She is disillusioned.

Feathers are turned into stones.

He has lost the soft touch of his voice under those harsh words he has thrown at her.                                                           Now only the reminiscence of his warm armoured love can heal her bruised soul.