She wanted to have colours.

Her canvas was blank.

Everyone lied that they had a rainbow

She followed them…


They brought her to the darkness.

She was terrified.

She felt a fear beating inside her heart.

She could not speak.

She had her lip under her teeth

She did not want anyone to hear her sobs.


She waited for a hand

Which did not exist.

She knew hopelessness could kill her.


Someone was walking with a Rainbow.

She saw that person walking around that lane.

Who is it?

She ran to ask for some colours.

But her canvas was black now.

She reached to the person walking with the Rainbow.

It took her to the White land.

A place where she found all the souls she had lost.


But here, they have her face painted on the black canvas.

They call it “The Face on the Darkness”.


She is dead…

But somewhere she lives.